The founders and development team of Optovue have been developing devices based on OCT technology since 1993. Four OCT Time-Domain based systems and two Spectral (Fourier)-Domain systems later, we launched the Avanti (XR Avanti) SD-OCT platform in 2013.

The Avanti embodies many of the “Firsts” in SD-OCT development that Optovue has introduced to eye care, including the first FDA Cleared SD-OCT, 2-phase Noise Reduction, Mode switching to image the inner retina or the deep choroid, Choroid imaging and measurement, Anterior Segment imaging and measurement, GCC with FLV and GLV, Enface Analysis of 3D data, Pachymetry Mapping, Total Cornea Power measurement and more.


Konan Medical

KMI has been in the specular microscope business since 1979 and holds over 1,600 patents including many remarkable new products such as the balloon camera (meteorology) 1955, radar camera 1956, electrofax copy machine 1960, the first disposable camera 1963, and the specular microscope 1979.

As the market leader in specular microscopy, Konan has a significant majority share of the healthy and growing market for devices used to image and assess the corneal endothelium for clinical and donor corneas

Konan Medical

iCare Tonometer

iCare Tonometer offers quick, easy and painless eye pressure measurement without the need for anesthesia or air. Measurements are obtained by a light probe that doesn’t cause corneal reflex, making it a more pleasant experience for both patients and practitioners.

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After 25 years in the ophthalmic market, we understand the financial squeeze on doctors, and your frustrations with equipment and services. So we decided it’s time for a new vision. We call it Eyefficient.

Eyefficient vigorously pursues top world equipment manufacturers, but offers honest, open consultation that fits the scale of your practice, even if it means forgoing a sale.

Our goal is not to present all ophthalmic equipment available, but to present what we consider to be the best options.

Eyefficient is dedicated to representing lines of equipment that are affordable without scrimping on quality or durability.

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