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The Gold Standard In Virtual Visual Field. First Commercially Available VR Visual Field.

Welcome to the future of Visual Field testing

• No Need For Dedicated Dark Room
• No Need For Trial Lenses
• Proven Accuracy (See Independent Study Below)
• No Need To Patch The Fellow Eye
• Measure Any Patient Anywhere
• Increased Your Office Revenue

PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Analyzer

Do you ever struggle with getting your patients in front of your Visual Field system?

There are a number of reasons why patients have a difficult time taking the standard desktop visual field tests. Some of these include Obese patients, disabled patients, bedridden patients, pediatric patients, patients with tremors. There is now an easy way to treat all these cases while making your practice more efficient and increasing your revenue.

Do you need to provide Visual Field testing in satellite offices but don’t want to break the bank?

An easily portable Visual Field system can eliminate the need for a dedicated system in each office.

In Perfect Agreement

“PalmScan VF2000 is in Perfect Agreement with HFA in the prediction of Glaucoma. Even better than OCT.” (n = 166)Sensitivity = 100%, Specificity = 100%

HFA Comparison

PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Analyzer

Handheld, Battery Powered, Visual Field Analyzer (Perimeter) – based on Virtual Reality Technology – capable of performing Full Threshold as well as numerous screening tests

The PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Analyzer is a revolutionary advancement in visual field testing. This battery operated and fully portable system, allows users to perform Screening and Full Threshold visual field tests on patients in any setting. Whether your patient is pediatric, disabled or even bedridden, the new “Fast Threshold – Interactive” algorithm promptly performs a threshold test and evaluates the patient’s vision within a few minutes. The system is completely independent of any ambient light, which eliminates the need for a dark room or eye patch to occlude the fellow eye. Furthermore, the Visual field test can be performed with white, red, green or blue stimulus against black or yellow backgrounds for additional perspective on your patient’s vision. The Automated Statistical Trend analysis will automatically assess the progression of field defects on every threshold test report. In addition, the GHT algorithm will analyze the report and help the physician identify abnormal test outcomes.

The Controller app for this device has a user-friendly Interface, which offers a multitude of tests for detecting Visual Field Defects. The final printed report is designed to be familiar to physicians, as it includes numerical and grayscale maps for Absolute, Total and Pattern deviations. In addition, Mean Deviation progressions are graphed, so the physician can quickly determine any significant visual field changes.

An extensive age-related normative database has been developed for this system in order to ensure proper measurements for each test taken.

Other benefits to the system include the “gaze tracking” option. Gaze tracking ensures that the test only progresses when the patient is focused on a fixation target. This reduces the number of inaccurate tests.

Once purchased, the system is sent out with a quick reference guide, instructions for use and a number of training videos. We also offer free online, one-on-one training if additional training is desired.

Also included in your purchase are a pack of protective masks for the patient to place over their face before putting the VR goggles on. This avoids contact with the patient’s skin, which keeps the device clean and sanitary.

Includes 24-2, 24-1, 30-2, 30-1 and 10-2 Full Threshold test patterns

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