objectiveField Analyzer: OFA

objectiveFIELD is a new, completely objective visual field analyzer. Visual field testing is one of the most common measures of visual function, and the challenges inherent in subjective perimetry are well understood.

objectiveFIELD will be a paradigm shift.

EyeKinetix® (Coming Soon)


Checking pupils for RAPDs is an important part of the comprehensive eye exam and is recommended in the AAO’s Preferred Practice Patterns® for POAG suspects and patients however the swinging flashlight test is difficult for humans to do well, and even more difficult and time consuming to accurately quantify.

Importantly, there is evidence that very small RAPDs may be clinically significant.

ColorDx® CCT HD®

ColorDx® CCT HD®

Color vision and contrast sensitivity are important functions of the visual system, which may be affected by many diseases, disorders and common substances.

Understanding if, and how much these functions are affected, may assist clinical decision making and help doctors educate patients about the risks and consequences of their condition.



Many diseases and disorders affect various cell populations in the retina, and ERGs provide an objective, non-invasive method of evaluating retinal function.

RETeval is the only FDA 510(k) cleared, non-mydriatic,full-field mobile ERG device, and is easier to use than you might think.

Test almost anyone, almost anywhere, quickly and easily, with interpretation aided by a 500+ subject, age-matched normative database.



Endothelial cell morphology is like a ‘canary in the coal mine’…a potential warning that the structural stability of the endothelium has been affected, possibly by surgical procedures, disease, trauma or contact lenses.

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