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John Hawley – When it comes to eye care, you need a visionary.

John entered eyecare in 1983 as a service technician repairing Octopus visual field instruments before moving into sales.

John started Heidelberg Engineering in the US and ran it for 12 years, he was present at the installation of the first HRT in 1991 and introduced the HRT2 and Spectralis platforms.

For the past 10 years John has worked with Optovue where he was VP of Global sales. During his tenure they released the iVue, iFusion, iScan and Avanti platforms. The culmination he believes is the AngioVue which is giving new insight into eye diseases such as AMD, Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma.

Why Choose Lakeshore?

You get new technology that improves patient flow

You can benefit from new sources of practice revenue

You maximize your tax benefits by investing in new technology

You benefit from practice efficiency and better patient flow

You get follow-up care that is second to none

John is there when you need him

John Hawley
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